Compressor Drives

Low Voltage

eCycle's Compressor Drives enable up to 40% savings in fuel.


Low Voltage

The supercharger increases efficiency and performance, while reducing emissions for a variety of engines in automotive, mass transit, truck and marine platforms. It also enables CNG conversions of diesel engines for commercial and consumer applications. 


High Current

eCycle's high efficiency, ultra high current alternators for virtually any vehicle


Low Voltage

Brushless motors enable vastly improved hydraulic systems, with high efficiency, reduced mass and operating cost, as well as greater performance, flexibility and reliability.  In most applications, eCycle’s motors offer maximum flow with minimum current.

High Voltage

Brushless Motors

High Voltage DC and AC configurations up to 480VAC/700VDC.

Spindle Drives

Product Specs

High efficiency spindle motors for milling, lathe and indexing operations for many CNC Machines.